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ableness, blame accessibility was positively related to anger and arguments during the course of tively fast at categorizing blameworthy words as com-. To measure the chronic accessibility of blame, a choice reaction time task was created that required participants to classify words as blameworthy or not. It. When we have to face a challenge that we do not want to face, it is easy to take our anger out on someone else to avoid actually addressing the issue. Quick to Blame - Quick to Blame - Music. VIDEOS; ° VIEW; IMAGES. Quick to Blame. Quick to Blame (Artist) Format: Audio CD. Price: $ Why We're Quick To Blame And Slow To Praise. By Michael Timms | Febru. I once worked with a VP of Operations who found it nearly impossible to. The flip side of this distortion is blaming other people for what happens in our The reason why people usually blame others is that it's a quick escape. You could call this person a finger-pointer, buck-passer, scape-goater or blame-shifter. Alternatively, a shirker avoids things (usually. Whereas anger is often aroused in response to perceiving others as blameworthy, this is not the case for highly agreeable individuals, who often do not feel. New research from Duke University helps explain the paradox of why we are quick to blame people for their actions, but slower to give them. Many of us are quick to point fingers and play the blame game. Learn to stop this toxic behavior and keep yourself accountable.

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